Road freight

  • Pick-up and to-the-door delivery of your consignment throughout Europe. Moreover, we offer groupage to Turkey, all according to your needs.


  • We also could ensure road frigo-transport, especially to the destinations of Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine (Kiev).


  • In international lorry transport we work on base of renting contactors who owns vehicles corresponding to ecological demands (mainly EURO IV – EURO VI) including monitoring of transporting goods (all drivers have mobile phones; vehicles are satellite monitored).
  • Confirmation about shipment delivery, to your address, e-mail, phone, fax.
  • Insurance of your consignment, up to 100% of the freight value.



  • tilt van Fiat Ducato 3x: l490 x w220 x h220 cm - load-carrying capacity 1350 kg (10 pallets)
  • tilt van Fiat Ducato: l495 x w245 x h230 cm - load-carrying capacity 1150 kg (12 pallets)
  • box-shaped van : l370 x w170 x h170 cm - load-carrying capacity 1560 kg (5 pallets)
  • Tilt truck 3,5t: l610-700 x w248 x h238-260 cm - load-carrying capacity: 3500 kg
  • Tilt truck 6t: l740 x w248 x h270 cm - load-carrying capacity: 6000 kg
  • Tilt truck + trailer 6t: truck l700 x w248 x h260 cm, trailer l650x w248 x h250 cm- load-carrying capacity: 6000 kg
  • Tilt truck + trailer 12t: truck l740 x w248 x h270 cm, trailer l740 x w248 x h270 cm- load-carrying capacity: 12000 kg
  • Tilt truck 24t: l1360 x w248 x h270 cm - load-carrying capacity: 24000 kg

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Road freight

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